Our vision and strategy

Ministry's Doctrinal Statement

  1. Bible is infallible, inspired Word of God;

  2. We believe in Eternal Holy God, Creator of Heaven and Earth Who exist in 3 divine Persons – Father, Son, Holy Spirit;

  3. (Apostolic confession of faith) We believe in the deity of Christ. He died for the sins of people on the cross, was buried and bodily resurrected from the dead on the third day. He ascended to Heaven to the right hand of the Father and coming back in glory to judge the nations and establish His Kingdom;

  4. Salvation (forgiveness of sins, eternal life) is the gift from God received by men only by grace of God through faith along in Christ Jesus and what He has done on the cross (Gospel of Grace);

  5. We believe in the new birth in Christ alone.

Christian Ministry Agape works with Evangelical churches (Pentecostal, Baptist, Free Evangelical etc.) in Ukraine and around the the rest of the world.