Ways to help orphans

Dear friends if you want to take part in serving orphans together with Agape Ministries you can:


Choose an option to financially support Agape Ministries:

1. Donate online:

One time donation


Regular donation


2. Make a check out to “Agape International Ministries” and send to 6529 Hazel Ave., Orangevale, CA 95662 ( E-mail: agape@ugol.org )

3. Make a wire transfer to our USA (dollars) or European (Euro) bank account:

Bank requisites in Europe

Beneficiary name: AGAPE FOR ORPHANS
Account Number: 525816712
Swift/Bic: ABNANL2A
Iban: NL05ABNA0525816712

Bank address:

City: Rotterdam

Please put your name and e-mail in transfer description so we can send report to you

Please contact us by e-mail or tel: 

Tel: +31 620101737

Bank requisites in USA

Beneficiary name: Agape International Ministries
Account Number: 230695517
Swift CodeCHASUS33
BankJP Morgan Chase

Bank address:

Street4117 Elverta Rd. Suite #101 
City, state and postcode: Antelope, CA 95843 

Country: USA

Please put your name and e-mail in transfer description so we can send report to you

Please contact us by e-mail or tel:

Tel: +1(916) 358 9481

4. Webmoney:

USD - Z228730367790
EURO - E344164380851

5. Transfers via MoneyGram or Western Union should be made out to: Pavel Markelov. Address: Ukraine, 73039, г. Kherson, 49 Gvardeyskoy Divisii str, 35a. Please inform us of the code and amount of transfer by e-mail agapeukr@mail.ru

Pray for orphans and for Agape workers and our sponsors

While working with orphans for many years, we have come to realize that only God can change their lives. Therefore, a typical working day of Christian Ministry Agape begins with a prayer. We pray for orphans, for their hearts to be opened for the Gospel. We pray for the ministry teachers; for God to give them wisdom and guidance while working with the orphans and conducting Bible lessons. We also pray for our sponsors so that God would bless them more abundantly. We realize that everything we have been able to achieve in our ministry is possible through God. He has changed hearts of so many orphans and of our ministry workers. Therefore, please join forces with us in prayer and the Lord can do the impossible! You are welcome to write to us to find out about more prayer needs. We need Your prayers!

Become a partner of Agape Ministries

If you would like to take part in the work of Agape Ministries on an ongoing basis, please contact us. Your support is extremely needed and appreciated! There are many needs and much work to be done, but so few who are willing. Please contact us to discuss how you can partner with Agape Ministries.

Send a parcel

A great opportunity to make orphans feel important and loved is by simply sending them a gift package. Often times, orphans feel insignificant in the crowd of other children while living at the orphanage. They don't even know how special and precious they are in the eyes of God. When they receive packages and gifts, they think: “Someone cares about me; I mean something to them…” These parcels overwhelm children with surprise that someone cared enough to send them a gift. Today you have a unique opportunity to send a package to the orphans through Agape Ministries! Clothing, shoes, toys, and school supplies are always greatly appreciated. To find out how to send a package, please refer to our Humanitarian Help for orphans.

Packages can be sent to the following address:

Agape Ministry

49 Gvardeyskoy Devizii str. 35А

73039 city: Kherson


Visit orphans as missionaries and share your love and care with them

You can visit orphanages in order to give a hug to at least one orphan and to get to know orphans personally. As a reward you'll receive a lot of hugs from kids, joyful tears, many sincere "Thank-yous" and eternal rewards from God. After you leave they will pray for you. They will remember you forever. Please read more about trips to Ukraine here.