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   International Child Protection Day 

“International Child Protection Day” on June 1st is a holiday created to focus the attention of society on the problems children face in our country.

The celebration of this holiday has become a beloved tradition for the orphan children of the Kherson Region. For almost six years now, Agape Ministries International has made this a special time of celebration and attention for Kherson’s orphans. After all, Agape Ministries’ stated purpose for existence is to serve orphans.

Any parent would come running to help their child if he is hurt or in need of help - but who is there to protect and nurture the orphan child? Along with local churches and volunteers, we at Agape Ministries have started a tradition of making a special effort on this holiday to convince the orphans of Kherson region that they are not unloved, overlooked or forgotten. These holiday celebrations have always been a lot of fun for the children, and this year should be no exception. Agape is planning a wonderful day for these children with music, games, contests, lunch ...and of course, gifts. Lots of gifts. The children return to their orphanages exhausted and happy after their big day - a holiday dedicated wholly to them.

Lets try to make this year's International Child Protection Day as special for them as possible! 


Dear friends, if you would like to support our efforts and take part in making this holiday possible, you may choose the most convenient of these options to make a contribution:

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Thank you very much for ministering to the orphans of Ukraine with us!