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 Agape’s 10th Ministry School: Graduation!


On June 6th 2014, 25 students received their diplomas in a ceremony celebrating their graduation – the 10th class to finish Agape’s Ministry School. The graduation celebration took place in Polyana, a tourist destination in the beautiful Carpathian Mountains of Ukraine. Their graduation celebration was a part of a 2-day celebration of Agape’s 10th year of ministry. 

It was a really fun and joyful time of fellowship and celebration, but a little sad, as well. There was a lot of joy, looking back at unforgettable times of study and friendship over the past year; remembering the priceless knowledge we had received that gave us so much for our own lives and ministry; treasuring the new friends found and great experiences had. However, there was also a bit of sadness, realizing that this wonderful time of studying together in Agape’s Ministry School had already come to an end.

 We are convinced that the changes the Lord brought about in our hearts and lives, the wisdom and new insights that He gave us over the past year will impact the children we serve. We believe that through this time of studying and growing personally, God has been equipping us to minister more effectively to orphans, bringing them hope and a more faithful representation of His unconditional love for them.


 “I just want to say a huge “Thank You!” to Agape Ministries for this special time of study you’ve made available for us. Thank you for giving us this time of healing and growth, transformation – so that we can in turn help orphan children find the healing that their hearts so need. We believe that God has used this time to prepare us for the great works He wants to do through us in the lives of orphans. I also want express my thanks for the wonderful graduation celebration that was arranged for us – it was an unforgettable time, and we all came away overflowing with positive emotions and great memories!!!”  Irina Kotsubei-Khaletskaya, Odessa 



“Each session of the Ministry School was special and helpful in it’s own way. God spoke to us and taught us  through every single teacher. With the help of the subjects we were taught over the last year, we were able to learn how to more effectively convey God’s word to the orphans we minister to. At the same time, God was really working in our own hearts. We learned not to bottle up pain, disappointment and resentment in our hearts, handing it all over to the Lord. We learned how to just be ourselves, to be genuine, taking of the ‘masks’ we put on in society and church. We learned to notice when other people are in need, and we learned to grow even more in the love of God. I want to express my personal thanks to Alexander Fedorchuk, Sergei Nesteruk, Nadezhda Shtefan, Evgeniya Chernyak, and all the others who put so much time and effort into making the Ministry School happen this year. May God especially bless each one of you! For anyone out there who is considering studying in Agape’s Ministry School, let me say: ‘Friends, just do it! Come, enter the Ministry School and you’ll see the miracles that God will do in your lives and in the lives of the children you are ministering to. He’ll bring healing to your own hearts as well as to the hearts of the children you want to serve – because our God is Good! All the time!’” Oleg Drukachuk, Rovno


“Agape’s Ministry School was simply life changing for me! Now I’m seeing new frontiers for my ministry. Every session over the course of this past year has been like a breath of fresh air for me: ideas, plans, and dreams! Most importantly, my own outlook and way of thinking has changed… thank you, Agape, for this time of restoration and renewal!
Elena Poplavskaya, Odessa






“This past year of studying in the Ministry School simply flew by – it was such a great time! Every session, I took home a whole ocean of new ideas, new impressions, useful knowledge… and the confidence that I am valuable in the eyes of God, that He needs me. He needs me to minister to others for His greater glory.”    Nataliya Ilkov, Zakarpatye