Agape Training School

Agape's 8th Ministry School

The first session of Agape's 8th Ministry School has ended. This year it was extraordinary. The point is, that in the first seven years the school has both internal courses and a correspondence school. In other words, if the students have studied earlier 5 weeks in a row - now they study for one week 5 times a year. Five times students will meet. Five times they will part.

During the first week of study the 20 students have become very friendly amongst themselves. The group worked like one organism. In the morning, at 7:30am - there is worship and prayer. The person in charge is Eugene from Dghankoy, organizing a worship team, always precisely appointing the brothers, who spoke the Word, firing up the listeners for the entire day.

And, after breakfast, the process of teaching gained such speed, that, by the words of the students, “our brains simmered”.

The first session was dedicated to the Pedagogue. The presentation of the authors from the program of Agape Ministries, methods and forms of teaching, non-standard style of teaching during the lessons, teaching styles, verbal/oral Bible, evangelical visuals amongst the children - here is the list of the subjects, that the students learned. In addition, there were examples shown of the lessons from the program “Lessons of Life”.

I’d like to note, that especially on the last day the students received inspiration and motivation from the Word, that was presented by Episcopal - Fedoruk Pavel. The Subject was: “Responsibility and Faithfulness”. Responsibility needs to be learned by all, regardless position, that we occupy or will occupy. If we do not learn responsibility, we have no future. “Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight” Hebrews 4:13.

All those that studied drove away with the hope of another meeting on the next session. Here are some recalls about the lessons.

«I liked the lessons from the Agape's Ministry School. It gives direction, how to effectively and systemically bring the Word of God to the orphan- children. How to see the children personalities.” Stanislav, city of Vinnetsa

«It is a very productive program.” -Ruslan, city of Kiev

« I am very glad, that I was a participant in Agape's Ministry School. Staying here - there is a massive amount of new information, many realistic examples, and as a whole I think that it is a blessed school!” Ira.

«I am thankful to God because he has placed on your heart this ministry and that you have given us this opportunity. In this School I really felt that this in particular, is what I cannot be without, because I am not at all indifferent to the fate of the orphan children. And now I know, that this knowledge is so important for us- the people that want to share it.”

“I believe that a school like Agape Ministries has organized disciplines and organizes your work. God speaks to everyone through the lessons. Here you are affirmed about your strengths and calling. Here you see yourself from a different side and learn many new things. But most importantly, you no longer think you know everything. “

I thank God for the opportunity to gain, broaden, and deepen my knowledge and abilities, on how to bring the Word of God to the children in the boarding schools/orphanages. Praise be to Him!” - Elena, city of Krivoy Rog.

“Praise God for the school! I want to serve orphan children even more! I received more assurance and boldness, I will impatiently await the new session.” - Yuliya, city of Irkuysk.

« I thank God for Agape Ministries. This Ministry School has helped me to affirm my calling, to renew knowledge in presenting lessons in a non standard method. For the large volume of information, which you have supplied, for the sacrifice and tremendous work, may the Lord abundantly bless you!” - Galina, city of Hmeknitskiy

“Dear teachers and founders of Agape Ministries! I am very thankful to God for you, because you do a truly important work and in it you can see the hand of God. I am confident that this School will change my life. Be blessed!” -Eugene, city of Dghankoy