Agape Training School


Agape Ministries held a seminar for adaptation center  leaders in Kherson.

It's apartment or house where Agape leaders live together with orphans, helping them to learn how to live independent from orphanage life. And also teaching them Word of God and a lot more.)

"The path ahead of you is not easy. Not everything will be obtained all at once. Just don't worry, do not be discouraged. The Lord is with us." "Let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up" (Gal.6:9). At the conclusion the wishes of Alexander Fedorchuk (Mission Director) were "May all the blessings of God be upon you."

The leaders of these centers gave a part of their life to the children living in orphanages. These people are not indifferent to the future of the orphans, they were not fearful of the difficult characters of these children. Children who did not have an easy path walking through this life, who were rejected and betrayed by their close ones. These are Christians who are not afraid to be in the forefront for the rights of the youth in our country.

The purpose of the group who prepared the seminar became to satisfy an audience lacking knowledge and to give answers to the most appropriate relevant issues.

Carrie Hartley, from New Zealand, was invited to the seminar. His teaching was centered on the theme of "The Heart of the Father." What did Carrie want to convey to the audience about this topic? The servants of the centers are the mentors for the adolescents. They are called to love, protect, and accept them the way they are. But most importantly - to reflect God in their lives, to show who he is, to bring them to Him. Because it is very important to God that we know him, know him as the Father.

Orphaned children never knew parents' love, so it is difficult for them to accept His love. Throughout their lives they were rejected. How much strength and patience is needed to be servants. So that the almost big boys and girls believe in sincerity and unconditional love. But this is the love God has for us.

The seminar was continued by Babenko, Andrei - he is responsible for the centers of the mission.

He began with the words: "God - God of orphans. The centers for the adolescents is an opportunity for Jesus to give the children a chance at life."

Working in the service centers in Osipenko, the Babenko family gained some good experience. At their centers, during this time, 17 people repented and 13 of them were baptized. In the Osipenko center it is one big happy family.

Andrew guided the audience, "the center should not become a new orphanage, where everyone is forced to do things taking turns but the children should learn to serve one another. Of course, the model must be a family leader that is happy in marriage. Their relationship with God, relationships with others, their ability to give to each other, loyalty, mutual aid, and the primacy of the husband - are all examples of traits of a Christian family. In the future this will belong to the adolescents."

The seminar developed objectives for the center:

  1. To open Jesus Christ to the children living in orphanages
  2. To show family values, as God's creation;
  3. To change the minds of the adolescents with the gospel and by example from the worker to the minister.
  4. To prepare the orphans for independent and fulfilling lives.



Elena Vazhnichenko