Agape Training School

The 10th annual Agape Ministry School has gotten off to a great start!


October 28th- November 1st in Gaspra, Crimea, Agape Ministries conducted the first session of our Ministry School for Adaptation Center Leaders, a new training course that we have organized. The goal of this training is to add to the knowledge of those who are ministering to orphanage graduates in adaptation centers, as well as serving as a time for each leader to share their practical experience. There were 22 leaders at this first session, from Zhitomir, Chernivitsky Region, Dnepropetrovsk, Rovno, Zaporozhye and Zaporozhye Region, Krivoi Rog, Kramatorsk, and Kherson. 

This wasn’t just another seminar – it was a unusually practical and wonderful time for everyone involved. The leaders really gained a lot from this time together. There were a lot of questions raised that were quite serious, crucial to ministering to orphanage graduates. Among the topics addressed during the school were the following: “Forgiveness and godly emotions” (A. Verenich);   “Counseling” and “Basic Principles of Evangelism” (V. Omelchenko);  “Causes of Problematic Behavior in Teens”,   “Steps to Influencing Teens” and “10 Causes of Burning Out in Ministry” (V. Bilyk).

“I am so grateful to God for this chance that He has given our team to be refreshed spiritually and mentally here. It’s been like a drink of cold water for our spirits! We have each personally learned a lot. We’ve seen where we need to personally change as well as changes that need to be made in our ministry. We’ve seen where we were trying to solve a lot of our problems in working with our teens through our own strength or wisdom, going about things man’s way and not God’s. This was a real time of energizing us as we continue in ministry and a great inspiration for the future!”  the Adaptation Center ministry team in Zhitomir wrote.

“I thank God for this opportunity that He gave me to receive the answers to so many questions that had been troubling me,” (Anya Obodenko, Zaporozhye)

“I’m very grateful to all of the organizers and teachers for making this training possible. It’s a great feeling to learn that you’re already doing many things right, while at the same time receiving instruction on how to correct the mistakes that you’ve made in ministry.”  (T. Krivoruchko, Zhitomir)

“I was amazingly inspired by this training session! The professional level of instruction, the warm atmosphere, the fellowship and exchange of experience with other adaptation center leaders – it was fantastic! I also really enjoyed that this training was held in Crimea, by the sea. I not only studied, it was a great time of physical and emotional rest and encouragement for me personally, as well.” (Ira Polyanskaya, Krivoi Rog)