Agape Training School

Agape Seminar in Moldova

October 31st-November 2nd 2013, Agape Ministries conducted a seminar in Beltsy, Moldova. The seminar was held in “New Life” church of Beltsy, and was attended by close to 30 people from Belchan, Peliniyi, Ryshkan, Rybnitsy, Sorok, Kishinev, and more.  Over the course of the seminar, the following topics were addressed: ‘A psychological portrait of an orphan’s heart’, ‘Methods of teaching’, ‘Youth Club ministry’ and ‘Dysfunctional Families’. The seminar attendees were all people who have had experience with or are currently working with orphans and ‘problem children.’  That made this seminar all the more a time of sharing experience, both positive and negative, in a warm atmosphere of shared goals , as all present were united in their great desire to bring God’s love and hope into the broken world of orphan children.

“Dear friends from Ukraine! Thank you so much for giving of your time and energy to travel here and share your experience. The seminar was an inspiration and a blessing. Thanks to you all and your ministry to us in this way, I’ve gained new strength for ministry. You are carrying out a very important task in the fields of God’s harvest, may God bless you and your whole organization as you minister to orphans and those of us who want to serve them.”  Alina, Ryshkan, “Way of Faith” church

“Thank you. What I learned at this seminar was a great help to me, specifically in deciding to commit myself to orphan ministry.  By the second day of the seminar, I had already chosen the age group that I want to serve – teenagers.  Inspired by everything that I was hearing, I put together a curriculum plan for the ministry I have in mind, that is, youth club ministry and a crafts lesson. I believe that God wanted me at this seminar. I’ve been praying about committing to children’s or teens ministry for two years already, and now have made my choice. I thank God for bringing us together here.”    Lena Moisei, Beltsy


“I really liked the methods you introduced for teaching Bible lessons. I was also particularly touched by the ‘psychological portrait of an orphan’s heart.’ I thank God for this time that we were able to spend together. It was great to hear about how God has led you all in your ministry in Ukraine. Theoretical knowledge and dry facts just can’t be compared to learning from real life experience, hearing of the challenges and difficulties, as well as the success of others who have a similar ministry. Thank you!”

“The seminar was a great success! You all are wonderful! Everything that you taught was helpful, practical, easy to grasp, and simply inspired us, giving us much needed encouragement and enthusiasm for further ministry!”