Agape Training School

Seminar in Irkutsk

From the 18th-22nd of November 2013, close on the heels of Agape’s seminar in Volgograd, Russia, another seminar on ministry to orphans and other high-risk children was conducted in Russia. This seminar was held in ‘Blessings Church’ of Angarsk, a city in the Irkutsk Region of Russia and was a joint effort of Agape Ministries and The Emmanuel Association of Russia. The seminar attendees were from all over the Irkutsk Region, from Irkutsk and Angarsk as well as Taishet, Bratsk, Energetik and Erbogachon.

The main topics addressed during the seminar were “Working with Children Who Have Suffered Trauma” and “Understanding and Changing Problematic Behaviors.” We are grateful to God for the warm reception we found there in Angarsk, as well as for His working in our lives during those few days to bring about such a feeling of openness and friendship between those who conducted the seminar and the attendees. Praise The Lord! The vision we have for Orphan Ministry is spreading amongst the churches of the former Soviet Union!


Some feedback from seminar attendees:

“This seminar provided me with a burst of inspiration in my personal vision for ministry, as well as in how I raise my own children, and in my relationships with my coworkers. It’s so great to be truly ministered to by those who are simultaneously teaching you something of great value. Thank you!”    
Irina - Taishet, Russia
“This was my first time attending a seminar on working with orphans. It was a great encouragement to me personally, not to mention the encouragement it was to me in children’s ministry, equipping me with much-needed information for further work with children.”                                                           
Sveta Tatarinova - Irkutsk, Russia                                                 

 “An excellent job done! The depth and quality of teaching was self-evident. You lit a fire in our hearts with new ideas and information, inspiring us to press on in our ministry to children, especially to those who are most needy or at-risk.”    Olga

“The teachers were so wonderful - a true godsend for us! I learned a lot about the psychology of orphans, as well as gaining a better understanding of how their life in the orphanages. I re-affirmed and became more grounded in my conviction of the absolute necessity of ministering to orphans. I could say so much more... everything was just great!      Vera Bazhenova - Irkutsk, Russia