Agape Training School

 Seminar in Dnepropetrovsk


 Despite the current unrest in our country, Agape Ministries continues to serve the Christian community in Ukraine through providing training for local believers. We are constantly conducting seminars, sharing new ministry ideas and distributing our curriculum for Bible lessons in orphanages. We also continue in our efforts to provide encouragement, support and motivation for the hearts of thosewho have committed their time and abilities to orphan ministry.

From February 20th-22nd 2014, we held a training seminar in Dnepropetovsk, Ukraine. The seminar was attended by 48 people from 11 churches scattered throughout the Dnepropetrovsk region (i.e. state). During the seminar, these folks were able to learn more about Agape Ministries and become acquainted with the series of age appropriate Bible lesson materials that we have developed for work in orphanages. They were able to learn about the psychology of an orphan, the factors that lead to an orphan's asocial behavior and options to help them change that behavior. Furthermore, we discussed the results of early childhood trauma and the behavior patterns that develop in children from dysfunctional families. The seminar also addressed other outreach programs or ideas that Agape ministries has developed, such as our 'Friend's Club' for teenage orphanage graduates. Last, but in no way least, we discussed practical steps to avoid physical, emotional and spiritual burnout for those who have committed themselves to ministering to orphan children.

The thing that we have noticed is that God blesses those who want to minister to orphan children and bring them hope and healing. There really are no barriers for those who are ready accept the responsibility needed to commit to serving these children effectively.

 We are grateful to God for his guidance and His hand of grace we saw as we planned and conducted this seminar. We are very thankful for all of those who put so much work into organizing the seminar, as well as to Central Baptist Church of Dnepropetrovsk for providing us with a warm welcome and being such gracious hosts.


Some comments from attendees:

 "Each topic that the seminar addressed held a wealth of practical and necessary information. In a very brief period of time, I felt like a simply huge amount of information was clearly conveyed. What I learned really changed my understanding of orphans and who they are inside. That's not the only affect that this seminar had on me, either. It really touched me personally. After 11 years of being with God, I thought that all my emotional problems, pain and anxiety were things of the past. During this seminar, the Lord showed me things in my heart that I'd not given any thought to before. He showed me hurt that I'd lived with so long, I'd accustomed myself to it and no longer even noticed the pain. The Lord simply bathed these wounds in His love.I just have to praise the Lord making this seminar possible - and for giving me the opportunity to attend. I want to thank Agape Ministries and all of the organizers - this was a much appreciated gift for me."                                                                                           

Antonina, Dnepropetrovsk


"Thank you for providing information that was so practical and immediately applicable, as well as being presented in a clear and succinct manner."

 Evegeniya Onishenko, Dnepropetrovsk


"Personally, I found the information about the psychology of an orphan to be immensely helpful. I especially appreciated the training on how to resolve a problematic situation, not just defusing it, but finding and addressing the real problem, helping the child find resolution."

 Elena Sezko, Dnepropetrovsk