Agape Training School


Pedsovet - from all cities

You yourselves are our letters, written on our hearts, known and read by everybody” 2 Cor.3:2

Regular “Agape” teacher council which included teachers from different cities was hold in Kherson city.

During 4 unforgettable days “Agape” team from 52 orphanage teachers – were raising the level of their skill, exchanging their experience with each other, increasing the professional level of teaching.

Teachers council was held on the local church basis, pastor – Siniy Eugene Pavlovich blessed this seminar.

The seminar included “Interactive method of training” where Olga Chebotar during 2 days represented alternative creative methods of work with orphans. Lyubov Yaschuk shared the new ideas in applied creation. After all the game is an essential part of children’s life.

Regardless of the professional level of the teacher he still needs spiritual support, mentoring, refreshment in the Word of God. With this purpose Rostislav Muratov, Pastor of Kamenets-Podolskyy church (Khmelnitsky region), was invited. His seminar called “Our global goal” and hot prayers with teachers have refreshed spiritual strength of every body giving new ideas for the next acts and victories in this work.

Spiritual and educational part, practice and theory were combined in a very good manner during the teachers counseling. The forum was organized where problematic pedagogic situations that arise in the school and everyday orphans’ life were discussed. Practical experience enriched us a lot and helped our teachers to become convinced in the propriety of their actions and on the contrary.

The most inspiring moment of this counseling was “Christmas evening” with candles where teachers communicated with each other, prayed for their ministries and in family surroundings thanked God for the birth of His Son.

We’d like to thank everybody for help, with your support this teachers counseling could take place.

It’s obvious that many of You care together with us for these children’s destiny.

May God bless You even more and accomplish in this work You are doing for Him!

Thank to Your prayers and moneyed assistance “Agape” ministry exists and enlarges.

With blessings and love!

“Agape” team.