Agape Training School

Amazing life of Ministry Agape

…I am a teacher for Christian Ministry Agape. I not only receive a tremendous benefit from teaching Bible lesson in Ukraine orphanage but also from the relationships which I have developed with children. This is a big blessing for me to teach orphans God's Word. The manager of the orphanage has trust toward Christian people and has allowed for the orphans to visit our homes.

Usually children come to our home on Saturday afternoon and return on Sunday evening. These visits have allowed us to get to know each other better and form a closer bond. Together, we play games; watch Christian movies and programs, the orphan children play with my son. We all go to church on Sunday morning.

I have witnessed an incredible transformation of these children. With each visit into our home, they have transformed from reserved and angry to open, kind, and friendly little human beings. These weekends have become a big blessing to me and my family. I look forward to the weekends when the children will visit my home!

Recently, a new student came to third grade where I teach. A beautiful little girl, with kind eyes, named Vika. She reminds me of an angel. Her parents have come to God before she was born. Unfortunately, after Vika was born, her parents divorced. Her mother moved away and her father became an alcoholic. With no one else to take care of her and her older sister, Vika ended up at an orphanage. However, the Word of God which was sewn into her little soul became apparent. This little angel-girl has become a big blessing to her third-grade class. She knows God, and it is apparent that God has placed her into that very class. That third-grade class was filled with violent and angry boys. But God makes no mistakes! Through Vika, He has begun to mend the hearts of these angry boys!

Vika has become my helper. She is the Light of God in her class. I am convinced that she has been sent by God to help transform other wrecked souls of orphans. God is never late, and for that I am grateful to Him!

Алена Косарева, Старая Збурьевка.