Bible lessons in orphanages

Children's dreams


Children's dreamsLittle children. Children that are orphans... "Show me your interest!", - they scream with their whole being.

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I believe


I believeThese kids were not taught good, they never lived in a happy family, they did not see kind family relations, and as a general rule their families were like this one. They do not know anything else. Everything continues in a circle. This is a tragedy.

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May 29 2011 Mission "Agape" celebrated its 7th birthday


Mission Agape celebrated its birthdayOur dear friends! The mission is very happy that many of you support our service.

7 years... Is this a lot or little? For God - it is wholeness, for the mission it is an anniversary.

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Children Waiting


Children Waiting"mom, our mother has come! Take me, take me!"

Please support me in the prayers for these children, so that the Lord will never leave them and will grant them minutes of happiness in a wonderful family!

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Change of heart


Change of heartI am Ivan Volkov. I am 20 years old. I want to tell you about the ways and roads that I had to go through during my short life.

I almost do not remember my parents because I have been in an orphanage since I was six years old.

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God answers


God answersSuddenly she looked into my eyes and said that she had a need.

“Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and you shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you; For every one that asks receives; and them that seek find; and to them that knock it shall be opened”. Matthew 7: 7-8

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Thanks to the Lord


Thanks to the LordWe are very thankful to God for the services on the field of God. From the years of work we have earned the respect and trust of those we serve. Not only do the children trust us, but the attendants, teachers, and administration. They ask questions, ask for advice, and trust us with their secrets.

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Christmas program for orphans


Christmas program for orphansHow fast time the flies! Not very long ago we impatiently awaited the holidays, prepared for them, bought gifts for the children, wrapped them, and had rehearsals. We didn’t have a chance to look around and it is already February.

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Christmas trips of the Agape mission


Christmas trips of the Agape missionChristmas - this is a wonderful holiday and a blessed time, when we have the opportunity to bring the Good news to the orphanages, carry out holiday services and socialize with the orphan - children.

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Our Guests


Our GuestsMission “Agape” was visited by special guests from the United States of America

October 21 and 22, mission “Agape” was visited by special guests from the United States of America: the pastor from the largest Slavic church “Bethany”, that is in Sacramento, state of California Bondaryuk Leonid Semonovich and a long time friend of the mission - Feytser Nikolay - also pastor of this church and Formuzal Michael Ivanovich.

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