Bible lessons in orphanages

The calling to pray


The calling to prayI appeal to everyone who read this story:”Pray about Dasha and many young people like Dasha, of God’s blessing upon them”

One day the girl of ninth-form came to me after a lesson in the orphanage. She asked to speak with me. I saw in her eyes anxiety and excitement.

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There is Hope


There is HopeOrphanage for disabled children: These children are physically disabled, lived in the school, and were rejected by their parents

Orphanage for disabled children: These children are physically disabled, lived in the school, and were rejected by their parents.

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Gift of Hope to Children


Gift of Hope to ChildrenMore than 300 orphans from 11 orphanages in the Kherson Region of Ukraine were gathered at a local Christian Church. They were joined by government officials, pastors, and even a Ping-Pong champion representing the disabled sports community in Ukraine.

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LIVES OF ORPHANSOlga, a ninth-grader, doesn’t have a mom. She doesn’t get along with her stepmom. Olga is hostile towards her classmates and has a problem with stealing.

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Children’s Prayers


Children’s Prayers“Dear Jesus! I thank You that I have become more obedient, can now read, and I almost don’t fight anymore. Thank You, also, that I have a new friend.”

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Christmas Holiday for orphans


Christmas Holiday for orphansOur dear friends!
Thank you for opening your hearts for orphans.

… I knew you'd come. We prayed for it!

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September 10th - Ministry at a school #6.


September 10th - Ministry at a school #6.In this article we wish thank God and everyone who prays for the ministry of “Agape". As you know, our ministry is serving the teenagers, children that were sent to other schools.

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Mentoring and church visiting


Mentoring and church visitingMotivating Ukrainian christians and local churches to get involved in orphans ministry

To meet with children only during lessons is not enough time to become friends with them, support them in difficult moments, advise them, or to pray with them and for them.

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A trip to Shevchenkove


A trip to ShevchenkoveThe“Day of open doors for supporters” is held every year on the last Friday of November in the orphanage #1 nemed after T.G.Shevchenko, in Kherson city. “Supporters” are people who suport them and help financially; people who are not indifferent to the kid’s tragedy. “Agape” missionaries have been invited to this so called by children “family holiday”.

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Amazing life of Ministry Agape 3


Amazing life of Ministry AgapeThe teens were unable to give a coherent answer to my question: “How do you imagine a strong family?” Why was no one able to answer? It is simply because they have not experienced a “normal” family. Therefore, they do not have an idea how one functions

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