Bible lessons in orphanages

Gospel is preached in Schools


Gospel is preached in SchoolsPraise God! What can we add to these words? Gospel is preached in schools and orphanages. There were times in the past when we could only dream about it.

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God is with us


God is with usI even don’t know from what to start… There is nothing I can compare the work in orphanage to. That’s why I’ll simply tell you about my experience.

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All they need is a little love...


All they need is a little love...The“Day of open doors for supporters” is held every year on the last Friday of November in the orphanage #1 nemed after T.G.Shevchenko, in Kherson city. “Supporters” are people who suport them and help financially; people who are not indifferent to the kid’s tragedy. “Agape” missionaries have been invited to this so called by children “family holiday”.

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“Agape” teacher in Nikolaev orphanage


“Agape” teacher in Nikolaev orphanageThere is one sister in “Agape” mission – Elena Mihaylovna Gordienko who lives in Nikolaev. She is 50 years old. Her husband Vitaliy Anatolievich is involved in the “Ark of Salvation” ministry.

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Christmas program 2008


Christmas program 2008We welcome You our dear friends. And once again on these special days we sincerely wish you Marry Christmas and Happy New Year. God bless you all!!!

The Agape mission celebrates this holiday in a very special way – holding Evangelical meetings and visiting people, Christmas programs (like singing, games, puppet-play) in boarding-schools that are situated on the territory of Ukraine. And we would like to tell you about one of such meetings in this article.

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Christmas at Kalininsky Orphanage.


Christmas at Kalininsky OrphanageIt is a blessing for us visiting schools - bringing friendships, fellowship and love to orphaned children. Agape continues to serve with the Christmas programs, visiting schools. This time we visited the orphanage in the village of Kalinin, where the children and the caregivers waited for us with an excitement.

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What do you think about Agape mission?


What do you think about Agape mission?I’d like to know you closer. I love you all very much. I love and respect mission “Agape” because they pray for us and they want all children to believe in God.

(Ira, 4th grade)

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Has your character changed since you know God?


Has your character changed since you know God?God helped me to quit smoking and drinking and I’ve quit friendship with those who drinks and steals. I believe in God because He gave me live and love. It’s so important to believe in God

Averchenko, 8d grade

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How God helps you in your life?


How God helps you in your life?He helps me to study, and He is my Father! (Aslanov, 3d grade).

Aslanov, 3d grade

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What new have you learned about God?


What new have you learned about God?God created us. If there is no God there would be no people either.

Artem, 14 years old

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