Bible lessons in orphanages

 I Found It!!


My first acquaintance with Egor was quite unusual. When I first began teaching his class, my attention was immediately drawn to one boy in particular. He was very excited about the lesson, constantly trying to answer all the questions by himself, singing with great gusto, and just enjoying himself.

 His name was Egor, as it turned out. What impressed me most of all were his prayers. They were open, honest, obviously sincere, and even amazed me once in a while with the warmth and love they expressed toward God. This little guy always specifically made a point to find something to thank God for when he was having a hard time. That was something that even I could learn from. I was thrilled by his prayers, even though I didn't praise him for was his relationship with God reflected through them that was so precious to me. It was a real encouragement for me to see that the ministry of other Agape teachers before me was indeed not in vain. I was very grateful to God for the way that He works in these children's hearts. Even when we can't see the changes we'd love to see in their lives, His work, through His Word sown and His Spirit convicting is being carried out, changing hearts and lives and bringing fruit in His time.

I soon learned that Egor had a dream that he mostly kept to himself. It was a dream that he privately brought to God in prayer, day in and day out. He constantly brought this request before the Lord, with unshakeable faith and without the slightest doubt that God could and would answer his prayers. Egor's dream was one that many orphans have - to find a family, or rather, to be adopted.

Time passed, and Egor always happily attended our weekly Bible lessons. He was simply a joy to teach, always attentive to God's word, soaking it in, and ready to answer any question. Many of the other children in his orphanage had been adopted or taken into foster homes, but Egor never wavered in his faith that he too would have his own family. He believed that God was by His side, hearing his prayers - and was convinced that God was preparing something particularly special just for him. He somehow had learned to patiently wait on God's timing, without growing tired or bitter and without complaining. When occasionally, the waiting just became too much to bear, he asked for us to pray with him and for him to wait for God's provision.

I was simply amazed as I saw his faith and endurance, holding on to his belief in his loving Heavenly Father. It turned out that instead of me being an example of trusting God for him, he was an example for me. Such faith he had! Not every Christian can boast of faith like Egor's - far from it, sadly.


Later that year, as I was in the orphanage once again on my way to teach in Egor's class, I looked up and saw Egor himself running toward me full-tilt, his face glowing. I can't even express the overwhelming joy I saw shining from his face. He ran up to me, yelling at the top of his lungs "I found it! I found it!" I was confused..."What did you find, Egor?" I asked. "I found a family!! They're going to take me home!!" he yelled. And then, somewhat apologetically, he said "Please forgive me, but I can't come to the Bible lesson today - I'm going to meet my parents." That was just like him, too. 

I found myself rejoicing as well. My heart was simply overflowing with gratefulness to the Lord for answering this child's prayers. I was so thankful that God showed me once again that He still does miracles, that He hears our prayers, that He is a living and powerful God!


I hope and pray that Egor's faith in a loving God always stays as strong as it is today. I believe that these moments of seeing prayers answered in the lives of needy children are something that is worth laboring for, worth living for. God loves all of us, but sometimes He truly lets us see the special place that orphans have in His heart.

Katya Vorobey

Agape Ministries teacher