Bible lessons in orphanages


"Our God is alive ..."

This is only a drop in a big sea. But this is only the beginning of the great awakening among the youth. Today, before all of us lies the responsibility to bear fervent prayers for the orphans, so this drop will become a huge sea - a sea of saved souls, a sea of justified hearts.

Listen to the testimonies of saved orphans from the "Agape" adaptation centers:

Elijah Puhtiy

"I led a bad life to win myself authority. Then I became acquainted with the guys from the adaptation centers of the mission "Agape," I saw a different kind of life. I wanted to be like them, different, clean, and loving. I repented at the Youth Conference in Maline and received the Father. Now I also live in Agape's adaptation center."


Artem Budnikov

From the time I was 13 years old I was in an orphanage after my parents had been deprived of parental rights. I lived in the Gulay-Pole orphanage, in the Zaporozhye region. From childhood I dreamed to sit on the lap of my father, but it was only a dream, and I understood that.

In the orphanage, I learned of another Father who loves me and got to know God the Father. I learned to pray and my dream came true!! One day while praying, I felt a special love of God. I felt His arms around me, something I had dreamed of during childhood.

Praise God! Now God has placed in my heart His Agape love, so that I can carry it those that were once like me."


Natasha Rudenko


"I'm 18 years old. I did not grow up in an orphanage, but still my life was very difficult. I did not know the love of a mother, never felt her care and attention. Every day I saw her drunk. I had to survive on my own. I had to look for clothes and food. I looked with envy at other people who were well dressed and smiling. Once I picked up torn up sneakers from the trash, how I was happy then! So that was how my life went. Strangers took care of me- the neighbors and people I didn't know on the street. God did not leave me then.

From 15 years of age I was hired to work and earn my way. At school, I met a girl from a Christian family who took me in as a guest to her house (Krynki, Kherson region). There I met Christian people. Working in the fields, I began to earn enough for clothes. I graduated from high school and went to college. In 2010, I was baptized. In the same year I met with the mission of Agape.

Agape organized "Friends Club" for students. Every Monday buses came that picked us up, as school is far from the city. I heard about the Aape mission, prior to this but I didn't have the opportunity to get to know any of them better. From September 1, I lived in the dorms, there were difficult conditions there. Agape mission suggested that I live in the center, I did not hesitate to agree. I am grateful to God for the mission and sponsors. I now have my room, a bed, and I'm not hungry. I am happy in the Lord.

Living in this center, I got the skills needed to run a household - I learned to bake, cook, and roll, they had all the opportunities and conditions. The mission provides all the food. Thanks to the mission, they even provide clothes. I have beautiful clothes, beautiful shoes. God taught me to love my mother that I just hated before. God gave me a new heart. I always pray for her, although she is not with God yet, but I see that God is changing her. Now I help with services in church."


Nadia Yozhikova

"Dad went to jail, my mother started to drink heavily. We were assigned to the Novokievsky orphanage in the Kherson region. It was at the orphanage, through the mission of "Agape", I first heard about God. We had lessons where the teacher always said, "God loves you. There is a love that does not change, does not betray, does not leave". Believe these words and accept God into your heart. This was very difficult for me. But attending the lessons, I was reassured of God's love every time. I felt the first real touch of God's hand, His warmth, at a conference in Zaporozhye. Nicky Cruz preached there.

But I could not keep this from an environment of ridicule. My soul was weary. I attended the "Friends Club", and again came into contact with Christian people. And it is good that God has poured into my heart, it is full of life. Socializing with the Christians helped me to recover lost feelings. I made the firm decision to follow the Lord and entered into covenant with Him. Now I live in an adaptation center for girls, attend church, and this helps me to become stronger in the faith. I thank God for the mission "Agape" and for the Christian people surrounding me. Right now I'm happy and I have great joy in my heart. "



"My father died, my mother began to drink heavily. The social services came to us several times and warned my mother that she could be deprived of parental rights and gave her a month to fix things. But the situation did not change, my mother was the same. We were taken to an orphanage. The only thing that I can remember about my mother was a woman sitting with a bottle and a  blank stare in   her eyes. In the orphanage I learned to pray. This consisted of memorized prayers before icons.

Growing up my mind was "trashed". God faded into the background and friends began to laugh. I began to lead a bad life. I ended up in the Osipenko school, in the Zaporozhye region. I was very unhappy with it. In this village there was an Agape adaptation center where teens lived. I began to look closely to at the kids there and was amazed at their life. I knew these kids from before and saw their lives had changed. All the kids in the center had a relationship with God. I saw how they pray and gradually became convinced that God is alive. God touched my heart, changed my thinking, and become a living God in my life as well. I repented and was baptized by the Holy Spirit, I felt the love of God the Father. Now I live in the village's adaptation center in Osipenko. I testify about God's love to everyone, even those who reject me.


We can not change the world, but we can help one child. We, the church, have the power that God has given us to change the world around us. You're the one who should change the world. When the fervent prayers of God's people reach heaven the Holy Spirit will have great victory on Earth. Amen!

Svetlana Chelushkin