Bible lessons in orphanages


What do you like most of all in Agape lessons?

In order to fully appreciate and evaluate the importance of “Agape” ministry we need to ask orphans what these lessons mean to them. What do you like most of all in Agape lessons?

I like to play different games

Miroslav, 6th grade

Stories about Jesus Christ

Ivan, 7th grade

I especially like these lessons, I also like to speak with God and learn new things

Lena, 9th grade

I like the way Alexander Pavlovich tells us stories and beautiful songs that we study, to learn about Jesus and about God.

Ira, 4th grade

I like everything in these lessons: to draw, to listen to the Bible stories, to learn about Jesus and God. I also like to watch Bible cartoons that Alexander Pavlovich brings to us.

Tanya, 3d grade

I like to sing song, to learn about God, to study and declare verses

Ira, 3d grade

I learn a lot about God, His massages, commandments, I just feel so warm and comfortable during these lessons. It’s because I know that God is with me.

Olya Rusanova, 9th grade

I like to pray to God very much, to participate in lessons, to read Bible, to draw and to study golden verses.

Nadejdina T, 6th grade