Bible lessons in orphanages


What do you think about Agape mission?

In order to fully appreciate and evaluate the importance of “Agape” ministry we need to ask orphans what these lessons mean to them. What do you think about About Agape mission?

I’d like to know you closer. I love you all very much. I love and respect mission “Agape” because they pray for us and they want all children to believe in God

Ira, 4th grade

As for me Mission “Agape” gave me happiness

Sveta, 3d grade

“Agape” – it’s a real love

Zubairova O., 3d grade

I’d love to keep friendship with “Agape” mission, to continue fellowship with them even after I graduate from the orphanage I’d love them to visit me; to help with advices and telling me about God more, supporting me in difficulties. I’ll study in K herson soon and I’d really love them to visit us and to tell us about God

Sveta, 9th grade

I like people from “Agape” mission who come to us; they make puppet shows for us telling us about God. Everything they tell us is from their heart. Thank you very much fro this!

Lyuda Gritsishina, 9th grade

I’d love to continue m y frie ndship with “Agape” after my graduation as well

Starokojev A , 9th grade

I’d love to know “Agape” closer and to know how they serve God

Artem, 5th grade

Your people are kind and honest I’d love to spend more time with them