Summer camps

 Teen Camp - Lazurnoye 2014


Agape ministries held a camp for orphanage graduates from the Kherson region of Ukraine from June 20th-27th.

 The camp was held on the shore of the Black sea, in the village of Lazurnoye (Kherson region) and was attended by 53 orphanage graduates. These are teens that upon graduating from their orphanages after finishing the 9th grade have begun studying in vocational schools of the Kherson region.


 The theme of the camp was “Spiritual Life Truths,” and pastor Sergei Turkach taught seminars for the teens on this topic.



Some of the teens that went to camp shared their thoughts with us: 

“I have no regrets about coming to this camp. They worked hard to make it a really warm and welcoming environment for us.  Everyone was really friendly and obviously cared about us. The Themes of The Day really made me think hard about my own life.  I want to thank each person who made this camp possible – I love you!”    (Anya Ponomarenko)


 “I want to thank Agape Ministries for truly giving hope to orphans. Thank you for the love, care and support you have given us; thank you for this time of relaxation and fun; thank you for the delicious food. I especially want to thank pastor Sergei Turkach for his good advice and teaching from the Bible that really helped our hearts grasp God’s love for us.

 I’m so grateful to God that I was able to be in this wonderful place and got to know such wonderful, fun and kind people. It was just so cool to spend time getting to know everyone. Lord, bless these people; help them to always be the kind of people they were to me. My soul is just full of joy, and my heart is overflowing with gratefulness. I really hope that we’ll all see each other again.”      (Viktoria Andreyeva)


 “I am very grateful for the ministry team that made this camp happen and put so much time and effort into the camp. May you all be healthy and blessed by God, and may the Lord keep and protect you!”  A. Lashin