Summer camps


Summer camps and programs

Every summer, our teachers are involved in summer camps where orphaned children are being treated. We do not have our own camp. Therefore, some have worked in the camp called “White Wings”, which belongs to the property of one of the orphan homes, while others worked in other orphan homes with Christian programs prepared. We are very grateful that during the summer season a lot of young people come from America and help us serve in these camps. Thanks to them and their parents for their service, ministry and loving hearts.

Last summer, we have funded three different Christian camps. There were 305 children that felt an improvement in their health, in others words they’re feeling better now, and 25 of them are teenagers that are studying in colleges. Our teachers, church youth, and as it has been said, the ministry team “Emmanuel” have been serving us. Everyone who helped us and worked with us was satisfied. We ask God to bless us even more this summer season, because it is when friendships between young orphaned children and Christian youth tighten. In these circumstances, young people learn how to lead a Christian life. They see that there is a life that is different from the worldly life; there is no place for drunkenness, filth, impurity and cigarettes. There are ways to relax and have fun without alcohol and drugs.

Not to long ago, we were worried that summer time is coming around and that meant we had lots of things to take care of, and put a lot of effort into our ministry. Many prayed and asked God to help us and give us wisdom in making various decisions. And now - the summer is over. Day after day goes by really quickly! Everything worked out just fine! Thank God that He was with us at all times. He always supported us!

What was going on during the three summer months? What was “Agape” working on?

In the summer, during the break, children from boarding schools go to rehabilitation camps. They stay there for some time and then the rest of the time they go to visit their relatives, and the children that have nowhere to go spend the remaining hot summer days in their boarding schools. And when the youth from America comes, they work with these children that have nowhere to go but their schools. But this year, we only had so many guests. So we decided to gather these children and make our own Christian camp. It was mostly organized by the missionary group from Kiev called “Emmanuel”. The camp was held in the village of Razdolne, on the shores of the Black Sea and the Gulf of Kherson region. These 50 orphaned children had a wonderful time getting to know each other and the staff that worked with “Agape”, “Emmanuel” and few other visitors from Australia and USA. We had a wonderful program: all kinds of games, dances, Bible lessons, closer relationships in with different groups, evening meetings (instead of spending time in clubs), and individual interviews. All this was for the children to get closer with God and help them understand how much he loves them. And as a result, three guys gave their lives to Jesus Christ. It’s such a miracle what God does to young children’s hearts! Glorify and praise Him!

The children were leaving with tears. Even the guys that were difficult to control and put up with admired the time spent at the camp, and thanked all the staff. We believe that no one left the camp without getting something out of it and we thank God for that.

“Today we were saying our good byes to the children. Many of them cried because they didn’t want us to leave, and told us that our camp has changed them... I pray that in our country there will be no parent that will leave their child behind and that every orphan can have hope and joy in their hearts!” Julia Sergienko, an employee of “Emmanuel” ministry.

Few days gone by since the camp days were over. Early in the morning a big bus arrived, surrounded by a crowd of young people and adolescents. Some loaded sleeping bags, others listened to the last instructions given out by Fedorchuk Alex, and the rest of the people were discussing few questions. This bus was sent to the Carpathian Mountains with a group of young orphaned children from a school, that was actively attending “Friend’s Club” and church.

The camp is located at the top of the mountain Magora, that’s about 1300m high, in Ivano-Frankovsk region. These guys were really impressed. After all, our landscape is much different from the mountains! The picturesque hills of the Carpathians, dense forests, and thickets of blueberries, were the things the guys have seen for the first time! But the most impressive part was the communication, God’s word and songs of praise at the campfire, and games. All this was unforgettable for the children that went on the trip. It was the second day it rained nonstop but even the rain couldn’t beat the children’s joy and excitement. But God is always there to help us and he gave us wisdom, an urgent need to descend downwards on the slippery mountain. We got home safely, and as soon as we got home the news were reporting the results of the really bad, nonstop rain at the Carpathians. The guys were sharing their excitement and memories from this wonderful place they visited. For us the main purpose was to become closer friends with the children. And it turned out the way we wanted it to! Praise the Lord!

Before the guys came from Carpathians, a group of young people from Germany visited us. Brothers and sisters in Christ have been preparing for this trip for a year: raising money to write programs and prepare puppet shows. They have a sincere desire to please the children. We have sent visitors to a sanatorium, and to the village of New Mayachka where we gather children from different schools, mostly those who have nowhere to go during the summer time. The guys are extremely happy with the friends that come visit us. The children received so much love, care, and friendly support this summer! The ten unforgettable days! “Few days before our departure, the guys were very worried. We also could not remain calm. And even though towards the end there were a lot of tears because nobody wanted us to leave. This trip gave us an incentive to come more often to give and show these children more and more God's love that we have from our Father in heaven” Polchenko Svetlana from Germany.