Summer camps


And now the last days of summer

And now the last days of summer. During the summer, many interesting and important events happened in the ministry of "Agape". A few of them, we would like to tell you about. uring the summer, we had four camps, which was organized, by our missionary staff , partners from the ministry of "Emmanuel" and volunteers from the U.S. and Germany. We prayed a lot about our guests, the involvement of our missionaries, and most importantly for the children, because nothing would take place if it wasn’t for the children.

One camp was held at pp. Razdolne, in Kherson, where the teenagers were gathered from the Kalinin and Starozburevskogo schools. A wonderful program was prepared for the children. Many different games, clubs, bible lessons, communication in groups, and the evening meetings were prepared for these kids. A lot of effort was put into our program to show the children the love of “Agape”.

While much effort and dedication has been put in to create an interesting program for the children, at first they did not obey the elders, it was difficult for them to behave, they had their own priorities and plans at that time. During the several days our situation was very tense, and all the staff of the camp were strenuously praying to God to melt this ice, the hearts of the children. So it happened after the first few days. The children were simply filled with the genuine love of the missionaries. The patience of the Christians, and the unselfish love, that they never received before, melted their broken hearts. And these were the teenagers, who already hardened their hearts to the surrounding world. The results of the camp absolutely shocked us. Children were asking the volunteers to help them repent before God, to open their hearts, trying to leave all the bitterness behind, which for so many years did not give them a peaceful and confident life. Nobody wanted to leave, because during the time spent at the camp everyone became friends!

We agreed to leave under one condition, to pray for each other.

Here's what Julia Sergiyenko, one of the mentors at the camp said:

"Today we were saying our good-byes to the children, many wept when we were leaving, talking about how the camp changed their lives ...
.. I pray that in our country no mother or father will leave their child behind so that children have hope and joy. "

Children expressed their deep gratitude with art for having the opportunity to go on this camp.
Last days of summer...


Everyone wished that the camp wasn’t over yet. We really hope and pray to God that next year, there will be more camps like this. We ask you to pray with us as well!