Summer camps


Summer 2010

What happened during the three summer months? What did the ministry of “Agape” do?

An unforgettable summer.

The summer time was coming and that required more effort from us because there we work a lot with the children during the summer. Many prayed and asked God for His help and wisdom in making various decisions. And now, the summer is over. The days go by very quickly! Everything worked out fine! We thank our Lord, for He did not leave us at any point. We always feel His support!

What happened during the three summer months? What did the ministry of “Agape” do?

During the past 4 years, the “Agape” ministry became good friends with a boarding school that has 250 orphaned children. School has its own camp on the beach, where all the children rest in the summer. “Agape" workers had the honor to hold Christian lessons for these children for two weeks. They organized interesting programs, songs, lessons, plays, time to communicate and sport activities. During this time children are able to make friends with their mentors, which creates a good atmosphere for the education and formation of their worldview. Camp Administration and teachers are pleased with the participation of "Agape" in the camp called the "White Wings". And we thank God for their good welcoming hearts and an opportunity to sow the seed in the hearts of children. When the school year will start, teachers of our ministry will keep working with the children so that the seed they sow will grow and bring great fruit.

In the summer, on holidays, children from boarding schools go to rehabilitation camps. It’s for two weeks or a month. The rest of the time they visit many relatives, and the kids that have nowhere to go, spend the remaining hot days in boarding schools. When the youth from America come here to serve, they mostly work with these children. But this year we only had few guest. So decided to collect these children and make our own Christian camp. Together with the ministry of "Emmanuel" from Kyiv, a camp called “Divosvit” we organized our camp, in the village of Razdolne. There were 65 teenagers from boarding schools that had a wonderful time with the staff from "Agape", "Emmanuel", guests from Australia, and USA. In July, for 12 days, we conducted a program on “Lessons of an Independent life", which encouraged children to think about life outside school.

Over the full 12 days, these 65 children attended the diversity of classes, classes of arts and crafts, and sports. Our purpose and topic of these activities was: identity, building a friendship, social manners, love and sex, and money management. Of the 65 teenagers who visited the camp, the majority were boys, ages 14 to 18. On the first day, the leaders of the camp felt the difficulty in communicating with them, because the senior boys would not want to obey the rules and asked to go back home to the boarding school, where they would obey. We are glad that this kind of attitude changed the next day!