Summer camps


Summer 2010 (part 2)

What happened during the three summer months? What did the ministry of “Agape” do?

An unforgettable summer. (part 2)

Each of the leaders had an opportunity to sleep in a room with children that they had a good relationship with. That allowed the children to communicate with a mentor from early morning until night time. It was a good opportunity to have deep conversations with the children about their lives and feelings. Luda Typikov, one of the mentors had the privilege to pray a prayer of repentance, with four children, and see how these children received Jesus Christ into their hearts! "During this camp, I learned many things which I did not know about the orphans. These are wonderful children and young people with open hearts to the love and God filled my heart with His great love for these children."

From the 19 volunteers we had, Graham Teyler, from Australia shared a sermon every night. His topic about God’s fatherhood was very valuable and necessary for these teenagers. Graham has preached about earthly fathers that injure and leave their children, but God is a wonderful Father to orphans and he proposes adoption through Jesus Christ!

On the last day of our camp, all the mentors and the children gathered around a campfire, where we grilled hot- dogs, took pictures, laughed and shared memorable moments. The first day, the older guys were asking to go back to school, and now these same guys talked about how they did not want to leave the camp.

"Today we were saying our good-byes to the children, many wept at and told us that the camp has changed them... I pray that in our country, no mother or father will ever leave their child behind, so that children have hope and joy" Julia Sergienko, staff of the ministry of "Emmanuel."

A few days pass by since the guys from the camp "Divosvit” have left..

Early in the morning a big bus arrived at the office building of "Agape". Surrounded by a crowd of young people and teenagers, some loaded sleeping bags, others listened to Alex Fedorchuk’s last words and instructions and others discussed questions that were concerning them. What is this? This bus was going to the Carpathian Mountains with a group of young orphans from boarding schools. The children that actively attended “Friend’s Club” and youth church services.

The camp is located at the top of the mountain Magora at the height of 1300m, in Ivano-Frankivsk region. The guys left with unforgettable impressions. After all, our landscape is much different from the mountains! The hills of the Carpathians, dense forests, and thickets of blueberries were the kind of things that these kids have seen for the first time! And the air was so clean and fresh! Everyone was mostly impressed with the communication, God’s Word, songs of praise to God at the campfire, and games. The children could not get enough of all of this. It was the second day it rained, but the children’s joy and excitement beat the downpour. God gave us wisdom, an urgent need to descend downwards from the mountain. We all returned home safely. The news have been reporting on critical effects that occurred in the Carpathians after the heavy rain. But the children could not stop talking about the good memories of their stay at a beautiful Carpathian Mountains. For us, the main goal was to get closer with the young people, and become friends with them. And it turned out just fine! Praise the Lord!

Before the guys came back from the Carpathians, a group of young people from Germany came to visit us. The brothers and sisters have been preparing for this trip for a year. They were raising money to create programs and puppet shows. They have a sincere desire to want to please the children. We have sent visitors to a sanatorium, which takes place in the village of New Mayachka , where children gather there from different schools, mostly those who have nowhere to go during the summer time. The children were extremely happy having people come visit them. There was so much love, care and friendly support from the guests! They spent ten unforgettable days together!

"There were a few days left till we had to leave and everyone was worried. We were worried as well. In spite of the sad ending because nobody wanted to leave, this trip gave us a desire to come more often, to give these children more and more love that God has given us”. Polchenko Svetlana sister from Germany.

Thanks to all of those who support the ministry of "Agape", such camps are held each summer, where children and teenagers receive valuable knowledge from the "Life Lessons" and learn about God's unselfish love to them!