Work with orphanage graduates


Rehabilitation center in the village of Rubanovka

Here live 2 guys Yura and Sergey and 1 girl

Are you familiar with the mission “Agape”, that is in Herson? If yes, than that is wonderful! That means, that your hearts are not indifferent to the fate of the deprived children. Children that most of all are in need of support, care and love. Care not of the body, comfort, food, or clothes, but care of the wounded souls. If you have opened our page, then know- this is not by chance… This is God giving you a special privilege to “get infected” with this type of service, to give direction to your footsteps to fulfill His commandment: “ Religion that is pure and faultless before God, our Father is this: to look after the orphans and widows in their distress”…. James 1:27. Today I want to start a cycle of articles of the life of the children in the rehabilitation centers…

Many of you know, that we have three of these so called rehabilitation centers:

- One for boys (youth) in Zelenovka village, near Kherson

- One more for boys (youth) in Ocipenko village, Zaporoghka region

- and for the girls in Kherson.

We are planning to open one more. Actually, physically, it already exists, the orphans are there, the only thing left to do is the registration of the house. It is set up in the further region of the Kherson region, in the village of Rubanovka.

We want to tell you about this rehabilitation center in the village of Rubanovka.

In this village lives married couple Victor and Yelena Levchenko, who in the year of 2004 adopted 5 small children ages 1-3. But this wasn’t enough for them. God touched their hearts and awakened them to give all their free time to those who don't have chance to be adopted, but are in need of support and attention and in need to have their hearts healed – to the orphan youth. Then Victor and Yelena and some other brothers and sisters started to visit the orphans in the schools. They had an evangelical program, played soccer and created different sport competitions, invited them to church and to Christian camps, made picnics and tea.

Seeing the family’s longing for church services for the orphan-children, the mission “Agape” happily invited them to join. Because we have the same purpose: help orphan children in the adaptation to life.

Where do they go? With what baggage and views of life? With what views of the world?

The orphans youth come to the school and, ending it, they leave. Where do they go? With what baggage and views of life? With what views of the world? Statistics say that 70% of the guys are involved in crime, 60% of the girls will become prostitutes, 10% commit suicide and only 16% of the graduates will have a family. How can you help these orphans, those, that want to change their lives, but utterly do not know where to start? And Victor and his family began to invite these orphans into his home. Many professed their wish to come, but not many stayed, not many could conquer themselves, to submit the family rules and work hard for yourself. It is no secret that those leaving the school are in need.

Victor says the following: “It’s been over a month for us, in Rubanovka, in the center for orphans rehabilitation.” Here live 2 guys Yura and Sergey and 1 girl. Benjamin Ponomrev (member of the church, son of the pastor) also lives here and helps us.

Yura and Sergey liked it in Rubanovka. They say that it is better than in school dorm. But it is, of course, good everywhere, where the Lord is present.

Sergey works hard. He tries to learn everything: cooking, laundry, cleaning, and how to run a household. He listens carefully to advice, asks many questions, is interested and looks carefully. In addition he wants to go to work. Even though it is not that simple, but I believe that God will see his wishes. Most importantly, Sergey has come to love the Lord and here, on August 8th, has made a covenant with Him, through water baptism. He loves to sing and listen to Christian songs. His most important purpose is to change and live a Christian life. May the Lord help him in this.

With Yuri - it is a little more difficult. To be honest, my wife and I didn’t want to take him. Psychologically he is unbalanced and uncontrollable. He was treated in a psychiatric ward. He even receives monetary benefits because of his disability. But the director asked us to take him. Right now our primary assignment with Yuri is to teach him to take care of his body, to learn to cook, do laundry and clean. My wife and I simply fast and call out to God about him, so that He will interfere in his life, and change him. What is interesting is that Yuriy led Sergey to church, when Sergey was heavily drinking and smoking.

Benjamin studied at the school of Christ, was preparing to visit the missionaries in Kirgiziu. But God turned him in a different direction. Right now he is in Rubanovka. He is working at an agricultural farm as a driver. He wakes up at 5 in the morning and comes home at 6 in the evening. For the men this is normal. The rest of the time he is with orphan guys. He helps us to watch them. It's very good that guys are not left without supervision. Praise God for this!

Julia, who is living with us for 2 years already, also has taken part in water baptism. We are very glad. Nobody forced her. She made her own choice. Praise Jesus, who changes their views. We thank our Lord for these young hearts, that intend to give their lives to Him.” -

With Love, Victor Levchenko

Yes, it is not all that easy to have an influence on the adolescents, they have fixed character, personal worldly outlook, and their own beliefs. But with God’s help everything will be transformed. We believe, that the work with orphan- children - is His will. For this reason we ask our Lord to bless this work, to help in difficult situations prevailing in victory. Please support us with your prayers. Praise and thanks to Him for everything!