Work with orphanage graduates


The desire for the Lord

But it can’t keep those who seek the Lord

Director of the orphanage forbade children to attend service. But it can’t keep those who seek the Lord. The kids find opportunities to come to visit us for a meeting. This is about children who now in the hospital. They just ask a doctor to visit us and they have free way.

From the Zaporozhye a graduates coming to us very often. Head teacher of orphanage suggested to them stop at the orphanage to spend the night. But guis refused. We talk to them long time about the greatness of God, answer their questions, sing psalms and pray. Thank God for the believers in the Zaporozhye, who support young people to the visit local churches.

In the orphanage children has opportunity to travel on the different special place every Sunday. One day student of seven-form Veronika refused the travel. “Why?” – I asked. “I don’t want to miss “The Lesson of life”, - answered girl. Now she became christian. Glory to the lord!

Mozharovskaya Tatiana