Work with orphanage graduates


Opening of the Second Adaptation Center

On March 5th, the second adaptation center for the graduates of the orphanage was opened. It was opened in the village Osipenko of the Zaporozhye region.

There is another center similar to this one, it was also made for the children and adolescents, and has been in existence now for a year and a half. Currently there are 12 boys living there. The guys are occupied with the household chores. They have 4 large and 7small pigs, about 30 chickens, and a large garden.

This center did not have enough room for all those that wished to be there. God gave us partners, the mission of the Heard for orphans and the Church of Grace Place in Colorado, to get another center. Present at its opening and sharing the word was Pastor Clay, Nancy Hathaway (director of mission Heard for Orphans), Pastor Stepanchenko Sergey (our partner), Armen (Pastor of the local church), and Alex Fedorchuk (director of mission "Agape" ).

Among the various gifts donated to the new center, the one that stood out was from Pastor Clay. The gift consisted of photos of the earth made by an astronaut member of his church. The photos were taken directly from space with his autograph and wishes of God's blessings for the youth. Currently there are 16 teenagers that live in these two centers. Their leaders are Andrei and Elena Babenko.

Alexander Fedorchuk