Work with orphanage graduates

Healing Hearts


We didn't really have anything out of the ordinary happen this month here in Agape's Adaptation Center for Young Women. It was life as usual, no real problems. There were no great disappointments or huge victories, but simply a time of daily growing as a family and helping create a safe environment for these girls where they can grow and mature spiritually, emotionally and psychologically.



Tanya came to a definite decision that she wants to be baptized and signed up for the new believers' courses that baptism candidates go through in our local church. She's also making progress in her English language studies. Her English tutor says that if she keeps improving at this rate, he'll soon have her teaching English to schoolchildren. I think that this progress and affirmation is something that is very important for Tanya as she is growing and establishing her own identity and self-image  as a young adult. She has become more open with us, sharing more of her own thoughts and feelings. A lot of her views on issues in the world around her are undergoing a complete transformation. However, she's still struggling with accepting and forgiving her own mother. She feels embarrassed and ashamed whenever the topic of her own parents arises. All the same, she has made an effort to overcome her own feelings and re-establish contact with her mother, visiting her in the hospital. It's also encouraging that Tanya has begun sharing her feelings about her parents with us. When she first came here, it seemed that she would never ever open up to anyone again, never speak of the pain in her heart.



Yana continues to work at the confectionary packaging plant. I have to say that she also is continuing to deal  in a very adult manner with grown up problems, problems that are not at all easy for her to handle. She's spending a lot of time with the youth from church and is at every youth meeting and event possible. Yana's also enjoying studying the book of Revelation together with Tanya. This was completely their own initiative, and even without us prompting them, they have begun sharing with us that God's Word is true and they have become convinced that its prophecies have been established as reliable.



Katya has been here with us in the Adaptation Center for two years already, but she has only just begun opening up and sharing her heart with us. She has started talking about her past, sharing problems and challenges in her life now, sharing the pain that troubles her heart. I have to say that her life story is indeed something I would never wish upon anyone, personally. Katya's life began with her being abandoned in the maternity ward as a newborn. This led to suspicion of others and a lack of trust being her basic way of relating to those around her. With this outlook, she grew up to be a very aggressive, defensive and yet very closed person. She lived wrapped in a defensive cocoon of her own making, a hard, resistant shell, to keep others out and keep herself from getting hurt. Finally, after living with us for two whole years, those open wounds in Katya's heart have begun healing and she is finding closure and peace. Praise the Lord!


I am grateful to God for the opportunity to have a part in the life story of these precious daughters of His. Thank you for your prayers for us!

 Ira Polyanskaya, Ministry leader  
Agape's Adaptation Center for Young Women (Krivoi Rog)