Work with orphanage graduates


Who created, who invented these conditions

for the children???


God gives us an excellent opportunity, every Wednesday, to meet at a school № 6 and communicate with the children. Young Christian people prepare various topics for the meetings and then we all talk about them. It is very important for us when the children answer, tell us their opinion, and reason with us. That turns into an interesting conversation, and sometimes into a discussion. All this adds an interest to our communication. It becomes interesting not only for us but also for children, because they value that we can listen to them and share their happiness with them. To our first meeting 8-15 people came, and today the number of kids has grown to 60 people.

In November the ministry of "Agape" and "church called the" Spring Live” had a joyful communion in the dining room at a school № 6. Together, we sang songs, glorifying the Lord, the young Christian people shared with the love of God, and shared how God radically changed their lives ...

The leader of the glorification group, Vladimir Koval encouraged the children by a welcoming saying: "... you are special, God loves you very much, and we do too, we came to cheer you up and become your friends ..." and then shared a personal testimony of how God has changed his life, and how much God has blessed him. Then the youth continued to sing and praise the Lord.

Eduard Nesmashny talked more about his life, and sang a beautiful song with a guitar, and then shared a personal testimony of how God delivered him from drugs, and also spoke about the influence of drugs on the lives of our health. You had to see the faces of the children – there was a fire in their eyes, they listened to the Word, they accepted it! Real people stood in front of them and talked about their lives, about what happened in their lives and how God blessed them.

We continued to talk, the sing songs, and hear more testimonies ...

Church deacon Victor Maruhin shared his testimony of his life, after which he invited the children to pray together and invite Jesus into their lives (you can see photos on the page), then our communication time has come to an end. To tell you the truth, we did not even notice the two and a half hours that flew by. More children came up to us, and we continued to communicate....

In this short talk, we have attempted to describe the meetings that take place at a school № 6, where orphaned children are being taught. We need your prayers for this ministry, as well as for the kids who prayed with us for the Word that was sown in their hearts, to bring good fruits, and for the meeting with the Lord to change their lives.

Thank you. Stay with us!