Work with orphanage graduates


Baptism of orphans. Praise God!

While only three of these boys were baptized, several others had given their hearts to Jesus.

Today I would like to share with you about God’s miracles I have witnessed in our ministry. Several young men gave their lives to Jesus at one of the children’s homes where Ministry Agape is serving.

It is often difficult to share the Gospel with children because the orphanage management is unwilling or limits the amount of religious information the ministry can share.

So, 11 young men graduated from a children’s home and decided to move to a small town of Osipenko. They had an opportunity to move to a transitional center facilitated by Ministry Agape.

While only three of these boys were baptized, several others had given their hearts to Jesus. One of the boys, Alex, was especially driven to share the gospel with other teens. During summertime, he attended a camp for orphaned and troubled teens and shared his faith with others. He read the Bible and prayed with his new friends. Some teenagers came to listen only occasionally while others gave their lives to Jesus and expressed a desire to be baptized.

We will never forget this event, when two young men and one young lady got baptized. All of their friends, ministry workers, the pastor, were all gathered on seashore. We were all rejoicing; especially those being baptized - Alex, Artem, and Luba.

After the baptism, they received their communion for the first time. You should have seen their faces. Their eyes were glowing with pride, excitement, and humility.

We were all rejoicing together! Praise the Lord! These young people aspire to be missionaries and bring the Gospel to places where the Lord will send them.

Dear friends, please support these and other young people at the transitional center in town of Osipenko in your prayers.

Elena A. Vazhnichenko