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Right - to be with Jesus

(About the teenage rehabilitation center in Osipenko, Zaporozhye region)


I want to start my article with small snippets of verse,

"I have a right!"
Lord, what hard hearts!
How is the world suffer, how much fell morals!
No one hides a face that’s drunk
On the contrary, he says: "I have a right!
I know properly of all my rights:
I have the right for a glass of wine,
I am entitled to a cigarette
A woman that is not my wife.
And I'm not ashamed to talk about it "...
... You have a soul that the Lord has given.
It has the right to: be free,
Has the right to live in holiness
Has the right to worship God,
Has the right to reject evil,
Has the right not to wallow in a pit
To live without lies, drunkenness and theft
God confers such a rights ...


What’s a beautiful poem! It’s right on target. These young people are endowed with satanic rights and do not know what’s the end result of all their life, do not know that there is God's law, which provides for free, simply by grace.

By an educator of dormitory we were asked for help to take one girl Civilia and help her. According to the stories of educators she came there being a good girl, but a couple of months later became worse. When Andrew brought her home, we were amazed. She was black inside, and it is so evident that words cannot describe. Now Civilia is prettier, she is cheerful, sociable, communicative, and most importantly - God touches her heart and I believe that she will be subsequently reconciled with Him.

The girl herself says little about her family. Her mum 3 years ago, died of a drug overdose and was a prostitute. Her father spent most of his life behind bars. And now he is there for a 15 - year period.

Also I want to testify about Nastia who came to us herself. In her 17 years of life the girl has survived many difficult situations. At 2 years old her father threw Nastia from the second floor. But God saved her life. Afterwards she lost her mother, were given into babies house, boarding school, and when she was 15 years old her father hang up himself on her eyes in an apartment. She had strong mental collapse and got in a hospital. At the moment a teenage girl is so irritated, emotional, has frequent mental breakdowns and suffers from epilepsy.

Such children are often spared, and it becomes the norm in their lives. They begin to demand self-pity. And if there’s none, there are tantrums. It’s very difficult to lead out such children from this state. It's like a drug, which we are trying to eliminate. Nastia often runs into childhood becomes like a little petulant child. Also, she calls us mom and dad. She likes it a lot. I ask to pray for her.

These kids came to us with a lot of rights for life in this world, in which reign’s lies, evil, hypocrisy. All this is intended to destroy the human soul. But praise to Jesus for His great mercy and love He gave us. Thank God for young people with whom we are working now. We can tell them things which are more important in this life than simply having the right to die without the right to live. And thank God! He gave us the confidence to talk about life with them openly.

I know that not everyone will repent, but our goal and objective is to hit the devil with love and care for orphaned children, with love «AGAPE» to those whom God brings into our home. And we will continue to fight for them, through fasting and prayer, giving the enemy no chance to win. We believe that we will overcome! Hallelujah!

God bless everyone who stood up for the orphan.

... Oh, how many rights God has given to a soul,
But all of them will merge in the end of the road,
And you will have just one
The only right - to be with Jesus.

Alena Babenko