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Only God can help

Orphan-graduate testifies about her trust in God

I graduated from my orphanage in August of 2007. I was not very worried what awaits me ahead. I did not even want to face the fact that I have nowhere and no one to go to once I leave the orphanage. I was clueless about how to survive in the real world. The only thing I knew for sure is that I wanted to get an education and a prominent profession..

I got accepted into one of the most prestigious colleges in the city of Kherson, Ukraine. I was extremely excited to be a part of the student body. Soon I found myself without any means of survival. Nevertheless, I made a decision to continue my education. This was an easy decision followed by difficult circumstances.

Within each day, I faced new obstacles. At times, I had no place to sleep, or only had one meal in two days. I found myself being hungry and with no place to sleep more and more often. Some of my girl friends from school let me sleep in their dorm; but this was a temporary situation and eventually I had to leave. I also had to change apartments and roommates often because I had no money.

I graduated form an orphanage where Christian Ministry Agape was already involved with the children. Ministry workers contacted me on several occasions in an attempt to help. I was too stubborn, too proud, and full of distrust toward people. I was ashamed to admit my needs and open my heart to the Ministry Agape workers.

In the past, when I lived at the orphanage, I attended Bible “Life Lessons” taught by Agape. Because of these lessons I knew about God and my soul was longing to pray once I was living on my own. I began to seek for a church and attended different services.

Once, I received a call from Ministry Agape’s founder, Alex Fedorchuk. He informed me that there was an apartment funded by the ministry in the city of Kherson. The ministry provided an apartment for young adults such as me who had no place or financial means to live on their own. This was an immense help in the time of need!

I was very desperate in my situation and had to let go of my fears. I now have a permanent residency, and this is really helpful to continue my studies. I share the apartment with three other ladies. One of them, Nadezhda Ivanovna, is Agape’s Ministry worker, and two other young ladies are orphans like me. Nadezhda Ivanovna provides spiritual support for us, and is like a mom in many ways.

We all go to church and my friend Irina and I recently got baptized. I can now call myself a Christian. There is nothing better than to be able to call yourself a Christian! All of my friends are also Christian. Since I have given my life to the Lord, I try to be useful to God and others. Over the course of past summer, I have had an opportunity to work with Ministry Agape in the orphanages and children’s homes. I am able to share with the Ukrainian orphans the fact that they have hope for a future. Although we do not have parents or relatives who may care for us, we have our Heavenly Father who will provide. I am very thankful to God for taking care of us, the orphans, through Agape and donations of people around the world.

I am now attending a university. I am content and happy. But most importantly is that I have peace within my heart, which I did not possess before. This is truly a gift from God. My heart has been mended to be more compassionate. Now, I am able to give love and compassion to those who need it. Every day I learn from God, I seek for His will for my life. I am overwhelmed with joy and am not ashamed of it. I share the Gospel with the orphanage teenagers and my friends at school. I advise them to receive Jesus into their hearts because He is the Way and the Truth.

Oksana Makeeva