Summer camps for orphans

Summer Camps For Orphans

Agape mission staff has an honor to participate in Summer Camps for orphans ministry

Every summer, our teachers are involved in summer camps where orphaned children are being invited. We do not have our own camp. Therefore, some have worked in the camp called “White Wings”, which belongs to the property of one of the orphan homes, while others worked in other orphan homes with Christian programs prepared. We are very grateful that during the summer season a lot of young people come from America and help us serve in these camps. Thanks to them and other missionaries for their service, ministry and loving hearts.

We prepare interesting program: songs, life lessons, crafts, fellowship and recreation time. During this time children manage to become friends with teachers. The camp’s administration and counsellors are happy that “Agape” mission participates in leading camps and we are thankful to God for their good acceptance and possibility to plant the seeds into the hearts of children.

We fund three different Christian camps, it's about 300 orphans. We ask God to bless us even more this summer season, so that friendships between young orphaned people and Christian youth tighten. In these circumstances, young people learn how to lead a Christian life. They see that there is a life that is different from the worldly life, there is no place for drunkenness, filth, impurity and cigarettes. There are ways to relax and have fun without alcohol and drugs.

Dear friends we invite you to join us in this ministry. Summer Camps are the most beautiful time in orphans lives and also a big opportunity for us to become closer with them and to share God's love with each of them personally. We could not do it for our own without Your help. So we invite You to participate in this beautiful ministry.

Agape Summer camps

Summer 2010

During the past 4 years, the “Agape” ministry became good friends with a boarding school that has 250 orphaned children.



An unforgettable summer camp Adrenaline

"It’s so beautiful here, never imagined to see a place like this"



And now the last days of summer

During the summer, many interesting and important events happened in the ministry of "Agape"