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Thank You For Your Help

I would like to thank God and Agape Ministries for helping those individuals who have been abandoned and forgotten by everyone else in our society.

Our ministry consists of donating food packages to those in extreme need. People open up their hearts to our Ministry because we give them something of value. At first, they are usually hesitant to listen, but take the food package. However, during our consecutive visits they open up their hearts and listen to the Gospel. People would later tell us that God saw their need and supplied them with food through us. They had run out of food the day before. A seed of faith had been planted.

During our visits, we witness different life situation: poverty, sadness, loneliness, and hopelessness. Many elderly widows experience all of these adverse factors.

Nevertheless, there is still hope for their lives. The Word of God is able to change their lives and give them hope, a will to go on.

Please support our ministry through your prayers so that God may give us perseverance and wisdom. There are so many different people and situations which we encounter on daily basis. Every person needs a special approach. We want to be responsible and respectful in our ministry.

Anna Boguslav, Food Ministry Worker