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HIV - infected children, who are they?

What mother does not like to squeeze her child close to her chest?And what child does not like that piece of love that he gets from his mother!?

God created us, people, the way that when the mother gives her love to a child in his early years, it gives him the strength to live in this world. How do we live without it?

Orphans ...

Orphanage, where children from the age of 3 stay there ... There are different children there: the healthy and the sick. But the saddest part is that these children are abandoned, left by their mothers. And as caring as the caregivers are, the children still lack the love. Therefore, these children have a constant need for maternal love and affection.

Ministry of "Agape" is working in one of these orphanages. The children there are infected with HIV. Unfortunately, in our country, these children can only live in the orphanages.

(Pronina O.P)