Agape Training School


The Second Session for the school “Agape”

has ended.

Here the second session of the school “Agape” has ended. The mission “Agape” are those who wish to carry services to the orphan children. The school is in Kiev in the building KBE. There were 25 people present. This session was on the subject of the psychology of children. Other than psychology, students also learned to make new things.

Students listened to the course about relationships and biblical doctrine. When the lessons were finished, what had the listeners learned, how did the teaching affect their views ? You cannot explain better than the students themselves:

“ I am very grateful to God for the opportunity to be here. I would also like to thank the mission “Agape” for the amazing, very much needed, interesting and very useful information, that we have received. This is committing myself to good deeds, receiving confirmation for our calling and our abilities. I am not very strong in my service to the orphan- children, but it is pleasant to feel needed in God’s work. The teaching gives a deep desire and pushes you into action.”

- Eugene Chernyak

“There were many questions that I did not know the answers to, it was no longer a worry. I learned incredible and useful information during the lessons of Biblical doctrine, Christian psychology, arts, and communion. Praise the Lord for the amazing teachers!”

- Dovga Oksana

“First of all, I’d like to say that the subjects we listened to were very important to me. Every lesson – was a tremendous blessing. Every subject made me look at myself, and make proper changes and sometimes even leading me to repent in some of my ways. Everything was alive and essential.”

-Melnik Irina

“Every lived day has opened to me, new opportunities, has strengthened and renewed my faith, has shown me my path to the Lord, and has broadened my horizons. I fervently ask God to help protect in my heart and soul what I have received here and in practice to bring children love.”

-Belenko Elena

“Every seminary I feel how God opens for me something new, changes my heart, thoughts and priorities. Here God has helped me to confirm my calling.”

- Stacuk Vitaliy

“It has been very inspiring to be here. I have received a lot of useful information for working with troubled children. Practical subjects are poured out here and induce you to service. I lived through special feelings, understanding the tremendous deficit in today’s world for the love for Agape. There are so many wounded hearts, that are in need of this love. My wish to the missions is to continue in your services, because this is truly worthy in the eyes of God. May God bless you!”

- Fecenko E.

“We are glad, that all the students left filled with joy, were strengthened spiritually, grew in knowledge, were affirmed in their calling and with new strength wish to continue or begin their service to the orphan- children. God’s blessing be upon you!”

With Love, mission “Agape”