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Mission Agape's Periodic Teachers' meeting

The children sometimes see formal relations but they want to see our open hearts.

May 30-31, 2011 was the mission Agape's recurrent teachers' meeting. Almost all Agape teachers from different orphanages of Ukraine met together. About 50 people were present. Amongst them were teachers, workers of the mission, and guests. The purpose of the teacher' meeting - was to support the workers of the mission spiritually, inspire them to new heights in an uneasy work with the children who are orphans. These children are constantly in need of special attention, caring and guardianship. Patience and long suffering- is what is absolutely necessary to be stored in our teachers.

Our purpose isn't in just spending time, but in receiving the key from the Lord and using it to open the heart of the child. It is very important to have a trusting relationship and the opportunity to say "You have hope". The children sometimes see formal relations but they want to see our open hearts. Hearts that are ready to accept them the way they are. Maybe we can't change everyone, but we can help change one child (Babenko A.)

Amongst the speakers at the meeting was President of the alliance "Ukraine without orphans"-Ruslan Maluta, pastor from the United States- Mark Morov, and pastor of the church of House of Bread- Sergey Murza from Poltava. All of them directed the attention of the listeners to their relationship with God. Where do we have personal contact with Him, at what time, and in what place? A Personal relationship with the Lord- is an important matter, that needs to be taken seriously. And how seriously we take this, is how blessed we will be (Maluta R.)

One of the most important questions raised during the meeting was the discussion of the effectiveness of the lessons taking place in the orphanages. The answer, in her testimony, was given by Ira Gritsev. She is a disciplinarian of the adaptation center and is finishing the missionary institute. In a month she is planning to go on a mission to Kergestan. "The lessons are effective and are remembered in the needed time". It is a joy to see that more children are getting to know the Lord. In June, 8 young people, from the center of Osepenko from the Zaporoghskoy region, will conclude their covenant with God.

During the last sermon the director of the mission Alexander Fedorchuk inspired the teachers and wished them strength, wisdom and God's blessings.