Agape Training School



… While working with these children, I have come to an understanding that orphans are first of all children of God. He will not just let anyone harm them. I feel that through helping the orphans, I am able to fulfill my part in God’s vineyard. I find happiness while working with these special creations of God, the children.

I work with 173 children, ages 7-16.

Olga Olesh



This is my second year working in the Ministry Agape. There are 173 children in the children’s home where I work.

I have experienced many changes in my relationship with the Lord while working with these children. First of all, I have found humility in the Will of God. I have learned to love and accept the children as they are, with their negative traits and flaws.

God has been teaching me not to only be a good teacher, but a good friend also. This has been a learning process for me as well. Several employees of the children’s home where I teach were initially against Bible Lessons. I have learned to be consistent in my prayers no matter what the circumstances may be. Through my prayers and hard work I have witnessed positive changes in the children as well as the staff who were against Christians and Bible Lessons.

I am thankful to the Lord for allowing me be a part of His great Ministry to the orphans. I believe that serving these children is God’s plan for my life. I will be praying for each of these children throughout all of the future hardships. I believe that God will help me. Who can be against me if God will be with me?!”

Alena Babenko