Agape Training School

Amazing life of Ministry Agape 4

Recently one of my students has requested to receive extra Bible lessons during his Winter Vacation. His name is Albert. He is hearing-impaired. I am amazed at God’s Ways! Albert is always present at our services, and is very active during worship. He craves to learn more about the Word of God, constantly asking me questions. He often even stands up to the confrontations of his peers, “defending” God and his own beliefs.

Nelli Bogochanky, Ministry Agape Instructor

I teach at a children’s home for the hearing-impaired and deaf. Once after a class was over, two fifth-graders came up to me, Michael and Sergey. Michael has given his heart to Jesus past summer during a Christian summer camp. His friend Sergey was curious about Jesus and his own sins. I explained to him what sins were. The young boy listened carefully. Once I was done, he came to a conclusion that he was a sinner and wanted to repent. We prayed together and Sergey asked for forgiveness from Jesus.

I am very happy that now two friends can pray together. They have each other and their Savior to help them through their troubles during their lives at an orphanage.

Irina Shevchuk, Ministry Agape Instructor for the Hearing-Impared.