Agape Training School


About Agape Training School:


Ministry Agape is determined to recruit as many Ukrainian Christians to serve the Ukrainian orphans as possible. Our great desire is to expand the idea of serving and bringing to the orphans the Gospel of Christ throughout the country of Ukraine. We would like to assist Ukrainian Christians who have a desire to work with orphans gain proper training and to place them into the orphanages as teachers.

Alexander Fedorchuk, leader of Agape mission



I think that only in Eternity will we find out the capacity of the work we have done while serving the orphan children. I am grateful that our church has taken part in such an important ministry. “Agape” is the greatest measure of Love. My wish is for all of us to possess such Love in our hearts, which only the Lord can give

Bishop of Evangelical Christians, Mikhail Panochko


I really enjoyed the Agape Training Academy. I thank God for the opportunity to be here and believe this is His plan for my life. All of the seminars are very valuable. I especially learned a lot from seminars in Psychology, Pedagogic, and Working with the Handicapped. All of the information is pertinent and important in working with the orphaned children. In the past, I was hesitant to work with orphans because I thought I would not be able to discipline them. I have now changed my convictions. The Training Academy has given me reassurance that with God’s help and with gained knowledge I can be a successful teacher for these children. I have 17 years of teaching experience and I can state that the Agape School of Training is a very valuable resource for new or experienced teachers.

Nina Urshin, Sunday School Teacher


I can already see that the knowledge which I acquire during Agape Training School will be priceless. I find the classes which concentrate on the specifics on working with the orphan children to be especially important. I am certain that I will use this knowledge in while working with the orphans.

Anna Nazarenko, Kiev


I really enjoyed the Agape Training Seminars. I had no idea there is such an abundance of information to be learned about children and the Ministry to orphans.

Igor (Zaporizhya)