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Missionary from USA shares her expiriance of visiting orphans in Ukraine

Hello. My name is Maria Goroshko. I live in Cleveland, Ohio. During last summer, I had a privilege to volunteer for Ukrainian orphans. I travelled with a group of volunteer youth from United States. During the visit, we stayed at three different orphanages. It was a great experience to get to know these kids! We played soccer, volleyball, and participated in other fun activities. Children especially enjoyed listening to and singing worship songs. They asked us to sing every evening.

During my stay, I had realized that these kids are like any other kids. They simply want to have fun and enjoy themselves. Some of the children shared heart-wrenching stories of their past; others did not. I believe some children just want to leave bad memories behind and move on. It is simply sad to know that many of these children are orphans when their parents are still alive. They live with the knowledge that their parents chose alcohol, drugs, unhealthy lifestyles, and crime instead of them.

As the time went on, I had also realized that they look up to me. I felt a little pressured at first, but then I was happy to be a positive role model for them. I tried to convey Jesus Christ through my words and actions. Children notice every little detail. I believe we are like living letters of God which children read and learn from. I shared the Word of God with them; told them that God loves them and wants to be a part of their lives.

I am extremely glad that I made a decision to go on this trip and work with Agape orphans. Oftentimes, missionaries become discouraged when they don’t see the product of their work. It is important to consider than we plant the seeds in people’s hearts and God will tend to them. I continue praying for the orphans of Ukraine and around the world

I thank God for Ministry Agape and wish many of His blessings upon this incredible organization