An orphan's life



Testimony of Angela

I was born in the Kherson region. I have a younger brother who is 2 years younger than me. My father died when I was 5 and we had to move to another town.

Unfortunately our mother started to lead bad life and we were taken away from her according to the court decision.

First I and my brother lived in the hospital, later in shelter and after that we were sent to Kherson orphanage.

I’ve got to know “Agape” workers in September last year. Since then I received a lot of support from them: spiritual as well as material.

They give us example of Christian lifestyle and character – patience, politeness and tactfulness.

Our teacher of Christian ethic – Alexey tells us about God, about eternity, that every person is unique personality and very important for the Lord Jesus.

“Agape” workers have organized very interesting program for us during summer holidays.

Thank You,

Angela, Kherson boarding school.

An orphan's life

I like “Christian ethic” lessons … they tell us about mercifulness and God's love. I become much more peaceful and relived.

Diana 14 years old


Each and every visit to the orphanage, I see how their lives are lacking in so much that we often take for granted. More than anything, they simply need someone to support them, encourage them, just to hug them and love them…



 I’m thankful to the Lord that amidst all that He teaches me, he’s also teaching me how to ask forgiveness of the kids I work with...





I attend “Christian ethic” lessons and I like lessons about God and His love very much. I forgive those who offended me because God commended to do so...

Ivana, 14 years old

 On August 25th 2013, Agape Ministry’s new Adaptation Center for Young Men in Krivoi Rog was up and running as the first teenage orphans moved in.

Two orphanage graduates settled in to live with a Christian family there. Anton Dubrovsky and Sasha Korotky became a part of the Sukhovoy family.