An orphan's life

Why do I minister to orphans? (Samuel Golub)  

Every Christian wants to do something for God with his life. Some make a point of being at church every Sunday and consider that their way of serving God. Others don’t limit themselves just to church attendance, but sing in the choir as well. That used to be me. 

However, I came to a point in my life when I decided that this kind of ‘ministry’ wasn’t enough for me. From that moment on, I began to actively seek opportunities to minister to others in Jesus’ name. God soon reminded me that it’s not the healthy that need healing, but the sick and suffering.

 I began to serve orphan children - they in particular have such a need for healing. They really need people to show them love, to give them warmth, to prove that they are cared for. I was overcome with amazement at how broken-hearted these children are. They really don’t need that much – they didn’t need for me to come to them overflowing with knowledge, ready to teach them Christian doctrines and fill their heads with theological facts. They just needed me to be their friend; they needed to see the love of Christ in my attitude and actions. I was also overwhelmed when children I’d only met a half hour before started calling me ‘Papa.’ When my eyes were truly opened to the depth of their needs, when I immersed myself in their world – their pain and their problems, the broken families they came from – I decided that this was the ministry that I needed to commit myself to. They needed someone to love them. I wanted to serve God. This was the way.

Samuel Golub,
Agape Teacher

An orphan's life

 On August 25th 2013, Agape Ministry’s new Adaptation Center for Young Men in Krivoi Rog was up and running as the first teenage orphans moved in.

Two orphanage graduates settled in to live with a Christian family there. Anton Dubrovsky and Sasha Korotky became a part of the Sukhovoy family.



I knew that these were very special children and that working with them would be a challenge – but I had no idea of how hard it would really be... 


Unfortunately our mother started to lead bad life and we were taken away from her.


When she first came to live with us in Agape's Adaptation Center,  it seemed that she would never ever open up to anyone again, never speak of the pain in her heart...


Sometimes feelings of loneliness are strong enough to make you wish you were dead! For children who grow up in orphanages, those feelings are what they live with, day in and day out…