An orphan's life

Hard choices   


Many of the teens I work with enjoy spending time chatting together after the lessons as much as they enjoy the actual “Key Things for Teens” lesson. It’s great to have the bell ring and still have kids crowding around wanting to talk, when most of the class is already long gone. It’s a great opportunity to get to know them better.

 Anya* stayed after class recently. She wanted to walk me home. She had something weighing on her heart that she really wanted to talk about.  Anya had heard about God from her earliest years, and happily attended our classes, enjoying learning more about God and living with Him. As we work with the older grades this fall, we’ve been discussing what God intended for relationships between the sexes: what love really is, abstinence before marriage, and faithfulness to your spouse after marriage.

The discussion that day had hit a little too close to home for Anya. She’d been living with a young man for a while, it turned out. She knew that the relationship that had developed between the two of them was sinful.

            We ended up talking for a long time that afternoon. The whole situation had become heart-rending for Anya. She felt like she was being torn between her feelings for her boyfriend on the one hand, and her desire to repent and be in fellowship with God on the other.

 I tried for quite a while to convince her that the best thing for her would be to just go ahead and break up with her boyfriend and move out.  Anya just sat there, looking miserable and staring at the ground. She finally said:

“You have to understand, it’s not that easy to ‘just break up’ at this point. If you only knew the situation I’m in ...I don’t think I can leave him.”

Of course, making that kind of decision - and standing by it - is very difficult, no matter how old one is. It’s even harder for a girl in Anya’s position, with no family to protect and advise her. It takes a lot of effort, decisiveness, and willpower...but the Lord knows that, and He gives us the strength to follow through and make those hard choices. 

After talking for a long time, we finally each went our own way. It was quite a while before I saw Anya again. When we finally met again, Anya greeted me with a smile and said she had something to tell me. She said she had thought long and hard, had been very anxious over the situation, but had finally broken up with the guy she was living with. She said things were very hard for her, but she was trying to grow closer to God and keep moving forward.


 I know that this is just the beginning of a life with God for Anya, but I believe that if we cling to His hand, then we can walk this difficult path in life together - with Him we can make it!



Agape teacher, Katya Vorobey


*Name changed

An orphan's life

I like “Christian ethic” lessons … they tell us about mercifulness and God's love. I become much more peaceful and relived.

Diana 14 years old

God wants us to believe in Him. God wants to help us. Every lesson we learn more and more about Him



Each and every visit to the orphanage, I see how their lives are lacking in so much that we often take for granted. More than anything, they simply need someone to support them, encourage them, just to hug them and love them…



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