An orphan's life


You can see the result of Agape work in orphans' feedback. Just imagine – these children never heard about God, they grew up without love, without families. What a treasure for them to find the LOVE OF GOD FATHER. For them who don't have earthly father what a treasure to find HEAVENLY FATHER. Please see what orphans themselves are telling:

God wants us to believe in Him. God wants to help us. Every lesson we learn more and more about Him


I attend Christian ethic classes and I like these lessons about God and His love for people. I want so much everything in my life to be changed for better and so God would help me after I graduate from orphanage. Here I was taught how to start my life from the beginning in a right way. And I understood what the real life means. I forgive those who offended me for God said so. Sitting at my desk I’m thinking about God because I love Him! Thank you for this lesson.

(Ivan Barabus, 13 yeard old)


I like “Christian ethic” lessons because it’s very interesting and it gives me a lot of useful information; they teach us how we’d respect our teachers, friends… they tell us about mercifulness and God's love. As a matter of fact this lesson teaches me a lot and I like it very much. Even when I’m sometimes nervous before the lesson than after the lesson I just forget what happened with me – I become much more peaceful and relived. Irina and Vladimir (AGAPE missionaries) are also friendly, merciful, smart, beautiful – they tell everything very interesting…

(Mostovoy V. 15 years old)

I thought that God – is fairytale, myth but now I know He really exists and this is true!

(Alena, 13 years old)

God created us. If there is no God there would be no people either.

(Averchenko, 13 years old)

I know that God lives in the heart of each of us. And I always pray to Him

An orphan's life


Every Christian wants to do something for God with his life. Some make a point of being at church every Sunday and consider that their way of serving God. Others don’t limit themselves just to church attendance, but sing in the choir as well. That used to be me...



The Lord took my life into His own hands and began to change me...

I like lessons of “Christian ethic” very much. I’ve learned a lot about God. I wanted to know more and more about God.


By the mercy of our Lord a miracle has taken place at our adaptation center.  For a long time we had been praying that our guys could work at home, so that the center could be more independent and to give them an opportunity to take part in meeting our needs as a family...

"Child, I’ve been praying for you for years and years!
I ran into this woman one day, carrying a toddler and pulling his older brother along by the hand... I could see that she was drunk and in quite bad shape, so I stopped and did what I could to help her..."